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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Tekhen

Source: www.youtube.com
Akhet Tours presents its new documentary entitled 'The Tekhen' - Uncovering the Influence of Ancient Egypt. Featuring: Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Camille Yarbrough, Mfundishi Jhutymus Ka N Heru and many others.
Why We Study Kemet (Egypt)The evidence which supports the Kushitic origins of Kemetic civilization is almost exclusively related to and/or directed toward the birth, nature and development of Kemet rather that explication of life in Kush as such. We know that Pharoanic culture had its origins in Kush and that culture maintained national sovereignty in Kush 1000 years after Kemet lost its independence. At present, however, significant information concerning the history and nature of Kushitic civilizations is sparse. Thus the key to unlock the secrets of Kush seems to reside in Kemet, at least for now. If, however,some great research breakthrough (such as the deciphering of theKushitic script) occurs, producing a wealth of historical data, then ourbeginning point will no doubt be shifted southward.


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